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Malay Treatment

Natural Body Healing Method

Postnatal Wellness Treatment | CKbidan


Wellness Treatment

Promote Uterine & Wound Healing

72 Acupoint Massage | CKbidan

72 Acupoint


Relieve muscular pain & Restore health

Natural Herbs for Health and Wellness | CKbidan


Massage Herbs

Gifts from nature, No chemical additives

Natural Postnatal
Wellness Treatment

CKbidan’s traditional Malay postnatal massage is a traditionally holistic and healing approach dates back to hundreds of years ago. It has been passed down from generation to generation by the Malay, remaining as one of the most cherished and essential aspect in confinement practices.

Our Expertise

With a comprehensive service system, professional bidan and a rich cultural heritage, we have earned the trust of countless customers and organisations.
CKbidan | 100% Traditional Malay Treatment
100% Traditional
Malay Treatment

The Malay health treatment employs traditional massage technique and herbs to promote recovery and restoration of health and vitality.

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CKbidan | In-home Treatments

Our in-home treatments provide customers with great convenience, as they can enjoy a relaxing massage without leaving the house. It is especially ideal for mothers who have just given birth.

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CKbidan | Multiple treatments for Different Needs
Diverse Treatment Menu
for Your Specific Needs

Our packages are divided into three main types – prenatal, postnatal and wellness treatment, aimed at bringing different experiences to different groups of customers.

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CKbidan | Experienced Master Bidan
Master Bidan

Having a strong lineup of bidan is one of our strengths. Most of our bidan have more than 10 years of experience. Their experience and expertise have contributed to the good reputation of our company.

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Bidan - The Traditional Malay Therapists

Bidan, Bidan Kampung or traditional Malay therapists, have playing a major role in providing healthcare to all women since 1950. A Bidan Kampung is a woman who is assigned to support another woman during her childbirth. Bidans’ knowledge, skills and practices are based on theories, beliefs and experiences from their ancestors…

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Delicate Care For All Mothers

With the demand for postnatal care growing ever stronger, MyBidan has continuously improved and developed a series of unique postnatal treatments. We stand heads above the crowd to help postpartum mothers swiftly restore their health and figure, inside out.

Postnatal Package
MyBidan | Gentle Care for Every Mother
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