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In-Home Wellness Services – Our Story

CKbidan is one of the largest door-to-door postnatal care providers in Singapore. For over 15 years, we have worked to provide traditional Malay postnatal care and wellness solutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our company has grown from a group of four to over a hundred employees in just a few years’ time. CKbidan’s founder understood that the root causes of all women’s diseases: many women are unaware of the uterine prolapse, diastasis rectic, pelvic floor dysfunction and physiologic discomforts that appear during and after the pregnancy; and these women are lacking of time to take care of themsevles during the postpartum period.

As a result, she decided to establish the traditional Malay home postnatal care and wellness services and devote herself entirely in this century-old field with one ultimate goal in mind: to help all women to recoup great health and vitality in the comfort of their own home.

Taking care of mothers leads to wellbeing for the entire family. That’s why CKbidan is looking forward to seeing our in-home services eventually become a routine that women incorporate into their lives during their pregnancy and postpartum period.

Over the years, the surge of our reputation is undeniable. This is evident in the countless positive feedback and 5-star ratings that we have received from our happy customers.

You Deserve The Best

Our Master Malay bidans are known as one of the important figures of our company. Their professional, evidence-based practices stem from their immense knowledge, skills, and techniques. Therefore, CKbidan takes our master bidan selection very seriously. Candidates must go through a stringent 3-round process of interview, assessment, selection in order to secure a master bidan position at our company. CKbidan ensures that all our bidans are fully and professionally prepared for the job.
Round 1
Personality Assessment

We need to understand the candidate’s attitude, level of motivation and sincerity, in order to ensure that they have the ability to make our clients feel well taken care of.

Round 2
Acupoint Test

Mastery and proficiency in the human body’s major acupoints is critical. All master bidans at CKbidan must be exceptionally competent in massages related to 72 acupoints: uterus, breasts, head and face, neck and shoulders, arms and hands, chest and abdomen, waist and back, hips and thighs, legs and feet.

Round 3
Massage Skills

After the first two rounds of meticulous assessment, the last, and the most important round of the interviews – the practical assessment – will be executed. The assessment is performed and approved by skillful massage masters with over 25 years of experience. Once the master bidans have been finally selected, they will go through uncompromising on-boarding and training before they are allowed to provide any services to clients.