We're rebranding MyBidan to CKbidan!


1 Who are suitable for our treatments?

CKbidan’s authentic and traditional Malay wellness treatments cater to - Postpartum mothers, individuals who prefer in-home treatments, patients with stroke or mobilitiy difficulty, hotel spa services, travellers, confinement centres, professionals, housewives, nursing institutions, etc.

We provide door-to-door wellness services that are designed for the convenience of our clients with highly-skilled bidan located all over Singapore. Once you’ve made a booking, they will be at your doorstep on-time to serve you.

2 How can I make an appointment for my treatment?

For enquiries or to make an appointment, please call us or contact our consultants via WhatsApp.

3 When should postpartum mothers / in-home clients schedule their appointment?

Reservation for postpartum mothers: We recommend making an appointment at least 30 days before your due date. This is to ensure that we have enough time to assign you a suitable bidan and reserve your treatment.

Reservation for in-home treatments:We recommend making an appointment 3 days in advance in order for us to arrange the bidan’s schedule.

4 When will the postpartum treatment start?

Postpartum mothers with natural childbirth can start their treatment 4 days after the delivery; c-section mothers can start their treatment 10 days after the delivery. We will first understand each mother’s condition before offering them the most suitable package and treatment time.

5 What if I’m not sure of my due date? Can I make a last-minute appointment?

If you’re not sure of your expected due date, you can call us or contact us via WhatsApp after the delivery, and we will arrange a suitable bidan for you as soon as possible. Similarly, for other clients who require last-minute in-home treatments, we will try our best to arrange a suitable bidan for you the soonest possible.

If all our bidan are booked, you may need to wait for certain days until we have a bidan avaialble for your treatment. Hence, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment earlier to secure your preferred date and time.

6 How many postnatal treatment days do I need?

We have 4 types postnatal treatment packages: 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 14 days.

3-day Postnatal Basic package, designed for mothers who don’t have much time for postpartum treatment. It covers the fundamental treatments for lochia discharge, body reshaping, pain relief and relaxation.

5-day PostnatalPremium package. It includes all treatments and benefits of a 3-day basic package with the addition of days and more health benefits. Natural herbs are used to promote accelerated healing of perineum and uterus.

7-day PostnatalSuper Deluxe package. It includes all the treatments and benefits of 5-day packages with the addition of a breast massage for breast engorgement relief. The package also comes with a herbal bath, a hot stone massage, and a healing massage, providing the ultimate relief and revitalization of body, mind and soul for mothers.

14-day PostnatalPlatinum package. It includes all the treatments and benefits of 7-day packages with the addition of face lifting massage, lymphatic drainage massage, herbal bath and etc. A 14-day treatment course is highly recommended for mothers to achieve the best results. If you’d like to have a long treatment course or customised treatment package, please contact our consultants.

7 Are ingredients used in the treatments harmful to mothers or babies?

We only uses ingredients that are natural without any artificial additives or harmful chemicals. These ingredients, along with our 100% traditional Malay wellness treatments, are absolutely safe for mothers and babies.