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Postnatal Package

Our Philosophy

CKbidan believes that it’s necessary for every mother to have her own postnatal treatment after labour. It is our devotion that mothers will understand the importance of restoring their physical and mental health through our postnatal services. Being the pillar of the family, only mothers who are physically and mentally healthy can build a strong and happy family.

  • Promote blood circulation, increase oxygen supply to muscles
  • Get rid of lochia and toxins
  • Eliminate insomnia and fatigue, regulating mood
  • Help increase milk production
  • Tighten the pelvic muscles and restore the pelvis’ initial shape and condition
  • Reestablish pre-pregnancy curve and waistline at an accelerated speed
Suitable for
Natural Birth/Cesarean
Herbal Treatment
uses 17 Types of Natural Herbs
Traditional Malay
Postnatal Wellness Treatment
Recommended by
over 95% of Customers