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Ancient Malay Postpartum Treatment

There’s absolute certainty that the time-honored Malay postnatal treatments are here to stay. This traditional care is highly regarded around the world as one of the most popular practices in confinement care, notably for the Malay. Today, the long-established Malay postnatal treatment has become so popular that it is widely applied by all ethinicities especially Chinese.

Unlike traditional Chinese confinement practices, traditional Malay confinement practices focus more on body treatments, for instance, aromatherapy massage, herbal massage, hot compress and belly binding (bengkung). Combining essential oils and herbal powerders, they are performed to enhance the body’s blood circulation; while at the same time expel ‘wind’ (angin in Malay) that will cause the formation of solid lumps in the blood vessels (urat in Malay) in the course of time.

Once the treatment is completed, a subsequent slimming concoction and belly binding procedures will take place to tighten the pelvic area, abdomen and uterus. This is an effective and quickest method for mothers to reshape their figure and restore their health the most natural way.

During the confinement period, the bidan will regularly perform aroma oil or herbal massages on mothers to help them stay warm and eliminate fatigue. Hot compress is also applied to enhance the absorption of herbs, promoting medicinal effects and accelerate healing. When the body lochia is clear, our bidan will proceed with uterine fumigation or vaginal steaming for detoxification and wound healing.

In-Home Malay Massage Care

Our in-home wellness treatments are not only specially designed for postpartum mothers, it is also suitable for diverse groups of people. People in this modernized world, especially those in the urban areas, often lead busy lives, don’t have time for exercise and thus neglecting their health. The results will be fatigue, muscle pain or even chronic health problems if they leave these conditions untreated.

A luxuriously pampering, relaxing and rejuvenating in-home treatment combining traditional techniques and precious herbs is what you need. It is a great way to relieve pain, soreness and fatigue and speed up healing process. Other women-centred treatments are also available to deal with feminine issues: excessive vaginal discharge, menstrual irregularities, infertility, etc.

The Quest for Optimal Recovery

Traditional wellness treatments focus on restoring bodily functions back to their natural state and achieving optimal health. Restoring physical and mental health is a subject matter that has always been close to our heart. To make our treatments more flexible and personalized catering to diverse requirements, new elements are regularly added to our century-old treatments to give you an ample dose of rejuvenation and relaxation.
Hot Compress Massage | Treatment Introduction | CKbidan

1. Hot Compress Massage

Harnessing the ancient Malay wisdom, hot compress contains medicinal herbs and uses heat to stimulate the nerve endings. It allows herbal essences to penetrate into the body through the skin and accelerates the natural body recovery. This unique massage technique aims to reduce fatigue, with subtle herbal scent that awakes your senses.

As the herbal hot compress gently moving through your body's meridians, your entire body and mind relax; and your muscle soreness and fatigue instantly melt away.

Ginger is a main ingredient in hot compress massages. It serves to get rid of ‘coldness’ and ‘wind’ in the body and keep the uterus warm. The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes.

Herbal Massage | Treatment Introduction | CKbidan

2. Herbal Massage

Embrace therapeutic experience and bid stress farewell with a herbal massage. Our herbal massage is a deep tissue massage performed by skilled bidan using acupressure, rhythmic pressing and stretching. It can help relax muscles, relieve pain and stress, improve sleep, and eliminate ‘wind’ from the body.

This massage is a must-have for stress relief, especially during a woman’s pregnancy and childbirth, improving their mood significantly. In addition to alleviating body aches, the herbal massage promotes physical and mental relaxation, tension relief and overall mental wellbeing, thus reducing the risk of postpartum depression.

The finest herbs complement to our proficient bidan that well-versed in 72 acupoints of the human body, easing tense and sore body parts effectively. Let your mind and body unwind and your health be rejuvenated with this signature treatment. Each herbal massage takes approximately 60 minutes.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage  | Treatment Introduction | CKbidan

3. Aromatherapy Oil Massage

With almost the same benefits of a herbal massage, an aromatherapy mssage combines a blend of aromatic and pure essential oils, rendering your body healing power and vitality. Experienced bidan apply gentle strokes and sustained pressure to help mothers relax, release tension and refresh their body and mind, leaving your body deeply nourished, refreshed and invigorated.

This massage also delivers an aroma-sensory experience, bringing you a sense of pleasure and well-being.

Aromatherapy oil massage can effectively eliminate ‘wind’ and keep the body warm, reduce fat and edema. By targeting the acupoints, muscular soreness and tension are remarkably relieved. Each massage takes about 60 minutes.

Breast Massage | Treatment Introduction | CKbidan

4. Breast Massage

After childbirth, a woman will experience various, tremendous changes in her body, including breast engorgement, swelling and pain. These issues plague so many new mothers and are induced by milk retention in the breast, leading to clogged milk ducts that prevent proper milk discharge.

A proper breast massage during the postnatal confinement is crucial as it provides immediate relief from breast pain. Breast massages promote smooth flow of milk in the mammary glands, and prevent mastitis (inflammation). Besides increasing milk production, breast massages can also strengthen the skin of the nipples and make it more pliable, promoting better milk flow and allowing mothers to feed their babies easily. Each breast massage takes 60 minutes.

Ancient Malay-Style Belly-Binding | Treatment Introduction | CKbidan

5. Ancient Malay-Style Belly-Binding

Originating from Malaysia, traditional Malay belly binding is used by the royalties while being appreciated by the high society and general public. This method renders your body slimmer with a firmer, lighter and more youtfully defined physique. The traditional Malay belly binding uses a long strip to wrap around the abdomen, from the bottom of the pelvis to the rib cage, and is worn for at least 4 to 5 hours a day.

A hormone, known as relaxin, is produced during pregnancy to relax muscles and loosen ligaments and joints in a mother’s body, especially in the pelvic area, causing abdominal separation to accommodate the growing fetus. Thus, belly binding before the hormone disappears can help close the abdominal separation through the pressure applied by the tummy binder, achieving a slim silhouette quickly.

Also, belly binding helps a mother’s uterus to contract and return to its original position, provides support for the abdominal muscles, and reduces postpartum back pain.

Uterine fumigation | Treatment Introduction | CKbidan

6. Uterine Fumigation

Also known as vaginal steaming, an uterine fumigation detoxifies and contracts the uterus with the use of herbs and steam.

The womb (or uterus) is plays a vital role in maintaining a woman's youthfulness and vitality. Therefore, it is important for women to care for their uterus on a long-term basis.

The steam opens up skin pores to enhance the absorption of herbal essences, promoting the contraction and detoxification of the uterus. This treatment can also effectively speed up the perineal wound healing and restore the uterine health rapidly. Each procedure takes 30 minutes.

Herbal bath | Treatment Introduction | CKbidan

7. Herbal bath

It’s common that postpartum mothers will reduce the number of baths during their confinement period. Therefore, a herbal bath is highly recommended to be included in the postnatal care as it can help with undesirable body clamminess and discomfort.

A enjoyable full body pampering experience with followed by the subsequent postnatal care will sooth, calm and destress your body, mind and soul.

Our herbal baths are infused with herbal extracts that gives mothers a lot of health beneifts: eliminate ‘wind’ and chills, and keep the body and uterus warm. Each bath requires 20 minutes.