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Wellness Package

Wellness Treatments

CKbidan’s wellness services mainly cater for professionals and housewives, who may be experiencing fatigue and muscle pain due to long-hour work. Appropriate treatments, such as traditional massage or hot compress, can help relieve fatigue, pain and stress signficantly.

However, we get it. Keeping a balance between work life, social life and self can be challenging when you have a busy schedules. That’s why our wellness service figure out what you and your body needs -- a holistic wellness experience which allows you to sit back and be pampered anytime, anywhere.

In addition to serving end users such as mothers and professionals, CKbidan also collaborates with confinement centres, hotels and healthcare institutions to offer a more far-reaching in-home services. Through the partnership, we are able to provide specific massages to patients with certain diseases or having mobility difficulty; for instance, our stroke massage accelerates the recovery of a patient’s bodily functions.

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